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Aikido by Michel Becart Vol 1: The basics (DVD)

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Falls back and forward, application movements, pivots and projections…For practising aikido correctly, knowing the basic principles is necessary. In this video, you will find the specific instructions about the falls back and forward, the standing movement, as well as some technique applications, practised alone or in 2. As being explained clearly for the beginners, this method can be a teaching material for the more advanced learners and for the teacher too. Before, a good work, M. Bécart Michel starts Aikido under Master Masamichi Onoro guidance. Thanks to it he meets Master Nobuyoshi Tamura and Kazuo Chiba. Inspired by these three great experts who are themselves disciple of O Senseî Moreî Ueshiba, Michel Becart becomes a disciple of Tamura Senseî and progresses till 6th dan. He is engaged to teach the dan grade in FFAB. All categories-60 mn- French

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