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Diététique de la musculation (Fitness dietetic) (Book)

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Master nutritional issues, implement the suitable diet, create its food distribution, privilege the natural and the preservation of health. This book is the fruit of the meeting between Olivia MEEUS, nutritionist dietician, and Frédéric MOMPO, national bodybuilding coach and body trainer, recognized experts in the world of sports and bodybuilding. Also top athletes, they let you benefit from their vast expertise and experience in the field in the development of optimized and yeast nutrition. Mass, strength, fat loss, health and performance: this handy reference guide provides easily applicable advice based on the objectives you want to achieve. Accessible for all, correcting misconceptions and explaining clearly the basic dietary rules, it brings you practical and customizable solutions to pass your "diet" in any circumstance. Result of an innovative approach, giving important place to the health and current healthy diet, here is the indispensable support for anyone practicing bodybuilding and wishing to follow a diet suitable for lasting results. Characteristics: - 208 pages. - Publication date: November 2014. - Dimensions: 17x24 cm.

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