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Coffret Les Armes Asiatiques (coffret 3 DVD)

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DVD 174: The swordsmanship, of all times and in all countries, developed with the techniques of warfare. Thus, the saber, whether European, African or Asian, has built its legend on battle fields and warriors stories. DVD 161: Discover in this film a form of Taiji fan (Taiji Shan) Yang style according to Master Wang Yen Nien. You will also discover in this DVD a fight / game as well as an extract form combining the styles Yang and Chen. DVD 177: Chau Phan Toan weapons expert for over 40 years, presents with commitment and simplicity all the richness of the ancient art of weapons handling. With practice you will become an expert in Stick, Nunchaku, Ancient Long Saber, Wakizashi, Spear, Double Sword, Sai, Tri-stick, Tonfa, Chain ... Beginner and Advanced.

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