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Gold Standard 100% Casein® Optimum Nutrition - 450 gr (Chocolate)

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The Gold Standard 100% Casein is the first product in the sector to be made up exclusively of micellar casein, a slow digesting protein to be used during the day or night. Casein proteins have a pH-sensitive to the acidic stomach environment. Consequently, their digestion can take more than twice as long as digesting whey or other protein. (Proteins are macromolecules degraded to Amino Acids and amino acid subcomponents). They are able to release Amino Acid sequences spread over time. Hence, 100% CASEIN GOLD STANDARD is very suitable for an anti-catabolic effect (is particularly rich in amino acids: contains Aminogen® (patented enzyme derived from the Aspergillus Niger plants and Aspergillus oryzae). With 100% CASEIN GOLD STANDARD you do not wake up "hungry" and your body has been fed with protein without excess of sugars or fats. Each preparation of Gold Standard 100% Casein, its wich recommended consumption is at night, contains 24 g of protein with unparalleled purity, 3 g carbohydrates, only 0.5 g of fat and without sugar. This instant preparation is also easy to mix. Suggested use: The night is ideal for casein-intake. The reason is that, then and only then, the muscle reconstruction is done in large portion. The mixture of Gold Standard 100% Whey and Gold Standard 100% Casein allows muscle development for 24 hours. In your shaker ON, pour a rounded tablespoon of this product in 10-12 oz (300-360 ml) of water, milk or your favourite beverage, half an hour before bedtime. Characteristics : Suitable for vegetarians. 24 g of micellar casein per serving 10 g of BCAA per serving Precautions: - Dietary food rich in protein, - Do not exceed the recommended daily dose, - Do not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, - Keep out of reach of young children. For adults, except pregnant or nursing woman. - Allergen information: This product contains ingredients derived from milk (casein).

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