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Okinawa Karaté - DVD 1

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In the dojos of the greatest masters! This DVD traces the origins of Okinawan karate, from the Chinese kung fu until today, through three major schools: Uechy-Ryu: training method, development of resistance of the body. The Kata "Kanshuwa"; analysis and methods. Goju-Ryu: training method and work on the forearm. The Kata "Kururunfa". Shorin-Ryu: how to increase the speed and power of kicks and punches with the fundamentals of body movement "Tenshin". The Kata "Passai"; Hidden and processed in kata secrets, their combat applications. Ultimate Techniques: Projections, vital points. Bonus: 28 minutes of extraordinary demonstration by Okinawan Masters, at the martial arts festival in Bercy in 1996 Characteristics : - Publisher: Karaté Bushido / Mario Masberg. - Genre: Karate - Japanese Martial Arts. - Release Date: 2004. - Duration: 85 minutes. - French language. - Number of Discs: 1

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