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Sangles de supension (Suspension straps) (Book)

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Suspension straps began to be used there are over a hundred years by gymnasts and judokas to optimize their training. Brought back again in France in 2010, they are among the favourite accessories of physical trainers and sports coaches. Construction and muscle definition, development of power and explosiveness, improve balance and cladding ... The straps give you access to a comprehensive and functional athletic development! After presenting the general principles to be understood to fully exploit this new kind of training, Christophe POURCELOT offers various exercises to design your own sessions and many "turnkey" programs to meet your goals. Real training partner, this unprecedented work in France presents an innovative way to practice bodybuilding and apprehend your physical preparation. Characteristics: - 256 pages. - Publication date: February 2014. - Dimensions: 19.5 x 26 cm.

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