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Amino X BSN - 30 doses

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The AMINO X from the brand BSN allows better recovery after training. Thanks to its branched amino acids, the amino X BSN provides active recovery. His effervescent effect (Eforsorb diffusion) offers optimal dissolution and uptake by your body. Benefits of Amino X Reduce muscle breakdown (congestion). Helps to repair the muscle fiber. Amino acids Contribution for faster muscle recovery. Promotes the assimilation of protein. It contains no caffeine, nor sugar So, the amino X-BSN is an excellent product for recovery. (With BCCA of quality). It will provide you a real sustain after your training; and allow you to recover faster. After your training, it will help you to keep pace achieving your goal. Note: it is recommended to seek advice from a nutritionist or a doctor for the use of food supplements European Formula: in accordance with French regulations on food supplements. Complete formula is available on the second image.

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