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Book Takemusu Aikido Vol. 2 - Saito

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Takemusu Aikido, or notion of spontaneity in the execution and sequencing techniques to infinity ... Morihiro Saito, 9th dan, began the study of Aikido in 1946 as a student of O-Sensei Ueshiba, founder of this martial art, and soon became his first assistant until this latter's death in 1969. These 23 years of daily practice with O-Sensei make him as the best person to present Aikido techniques such that taught by Ueshiba. Saito was the leader of Iwama private dojo in Hokkaido until his death in 2002. This second volume in the series continues the study of Aikido basic techniques. It provides detailed information on more than 70 variants of Shihonage, Kotegaeshi and Iriminage techniques with, for many of them, the founder of own comments when he taught Saito Sensei. The author states: "Shihonage is entirely based on the principles of the sword and represents a fundamental technique in Aikido. Whoever executes correctly Shihonage becomes skilled in Aikido Kotegaeshi is required to drive the wrists and strengthen the joints. It is important to practice Kotegaeshi on Katadori and Yokomenuchi attacks to understand the underlying principles that connect the ken, jo and taijutsu. Iriminage is the essence of Aikido. In Iriminage, we can react against multiple opponents and control a powerful attack using the minimum strength. As Kokyunage, Iriminage represents both the final stage and the essence of Aikido. " Stanley A. Pranin, 5th Dan, is editor of Aikido Journal magazine, and the author of several books reference, including The Encyclopedia of Aikido Aiki News and Aikido Masters (published in French under the title Les Maitres d’Aikido -The Master of Aikido). He realizes here an excellent history of Aikido and of its founder’s life, Ueshiba.

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the 4/8/15 Review by David title
c'est très intéressant cet ouvrage sur le aïkido il ya tellement de technique différente