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How to choose your boxing gloves?


The boxing gloves are used by fighters in combat sport. Their main purpose is to cushion impact in the phalanges, for the bearer, but also on the strike zone (body, head), for the opponent.

At Dragon Bleu, we distribute boxing gloves since 2004. We have also many practitioners within our team. And it gives us a great expertise of this. It allows us to direct you in your choice.

1. Boxing gloves: leisure or intensive use ?

First of all, you have to ask yourself about how you will use it and what your budget is. In fact, you can use it in many ways: perhaps it will be for fun, or fitness, or a regular training, or for a competition.

Generally, the pricing of the gloves states its quality. So, gloves which cost about €30 are an entry level. While the gloves which cost about €100 € is a high-end and will last longer.

What makes the main difference is the quality of the fabrics used and its manufacturing. The boxing gloves in entry level are manufactured industrially, without human intervention, with PU. The high-end boxing gloves can be handmade, quasi-systematically with genuine leather. We have also boxing gloves of intermediate range (between €50 and €80). Its manufacturing is more developed than boxing gloves of entry level. (Reinforced seams, foam padded etc…).

Hence, the boxing gloves of an entry level will be perfect for occasional use (once or twice a week). The boxing gloves of an intermediate level will be perfect for a regular use (twice or three times a week) but a boxing gloves of high-end-level will be perfect for extensive use and competition.

2. What size do I have to choose for boxing gloves ?

The boxing glove’s size is expressed in Oz. (1 oz = 28.34 grams). More Oz size is important, more the padding is thick. Generally, the standard grid goes from 8 oz (226 grams) to 16 oz (453 grams).

Most of times, people choose their boxing gloves according to their morphology – someone with a small waist will choose the smaller sizes (8-10 oz); medium waist will choose 12 oz; and the person who has large waist will choose between 14 and 16 oz. However, you may want to use large size of boxing gloves when you are doing the sparring phases. In this case, you have to use boxing gloves of 16 oz. It will provide highest protection. In the United States, the majority of practitioners use the boxing gloves of 16 oz. You may want to use heavy boxing gloves to improve your speed on competition where the boxing gloves used are at 8 oz.

So, there isn’t one but many usage possible on a case-by-case.

Here is the standard grid of boxing gloves that we recommend :

Size 8oz 10oz 12oz 14oz 16oz
Weight 45-55kg 55-65kg 65-75kg 75-85kg 85kg-95kg


NB: Some brands provide comforts and ergonomic, which may vary. On those cases, we will indicate it.

3. Helpful tip to maintain your boxing gloves

The lifetime of the boxing gloves can be increased with some simple habits. First of all, it should be known that boxing gloves absorb moisture. So it is better to wear gloves in order to protect yourself and to absorb sweat . Think to get out and store your boxing gloves in a well ventilated area once you finished your training.

You can also use a specific deodoriser ( Stuffits or something else ) to avoid unpleasant odour.

We advise you to not use your boxing gloves on a punching bag. In fact, there is risk for the inside foam to be damaged quickly. For persons working with the punching bag, it is better to use special gloves..