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Jiu-Jitsu Brésilien Vol 1 - Les clés de bras - Rigan Machado

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It is at the great competition MultiStyle UFC that in 1993, the effectiveness of this art, cousin of judo, was proved. Lap after lap, the karatekas, Thai boxers, kick boxers ..., all were eliminated by these Brazilians who seemed invincible. Meeting after meeting they won the cup until opponents learn ... the Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Thus, the JJB emerged as the most effective martial art in a fight against an opponent. This series of three DVD presents BJJ techniques which made the reputation of Brazilian. Machado Rigan is part of the family by his cousin Gracie branch. The Machado brothers (Carlos, Rigan, Jean-Jacques, John and Roger) were trained in Brazil by their uncle, Carlos Gracie Jr, son of the founder. Bonus: - Interview with Rigan Mashhad. - History of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Mitsuo Maeda, origins of JJB. - DVD all zones. - Duration: 56 mins. - Languages: French and English.

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