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La Bible de la Préparation Mentale (The Mental preparation bible) (Book)

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The method used by Christian TARGET has been recognized in the world of sport for over 25 years and taught at the University. He is the first to have spoken about "mental performance" and have modelled a comprehensive approach to maximize his potential without departing from the concepts of well-being and pleasure. This guide offers a simple and effective approach to coach someone else and coach yourself. It allows you to understand what is the "mental", to discover and learn the tools that will make you grow, to train alone and to measure your progress. Relaxation, emotion management, self-esteem, motivation, concentration, cohesion and communication ... The various issues of mental preparation are detailed through 10 strategies, 20 and 50 techniques and 50 tools that constitute a functional unit. Their effectiveness has been proven. To facilitate reading and usage, the chapters can be viewed independently to suit your needs. From theory to practice, here is the indispensable support for your mental preparation!

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