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Muay Thaï - Boxe Thaïlandaise (Muay Thaï - thailandeese Boxing) (Book)

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Muay Thaî (original name of Thai boxing in Thailand) is derived from ancestral techniques of warfare extremely effective. Symbol of courage and fighting spirit, it is considered by many as the sports feet fists reference. In this book written by two specialists, you will discover: The history and evolution of Thai boxing, from its origins until today. Authentic techniques, tactic and combat strategies. The most suitable modern training methods. Easy tips and mistakes to avoid in the context of the preparation. Here is an accessible and concrete support that will allow everyone to practice Thai boxing safely and to improve their selves in a well-defined framework. The presented educational approach will also make this book a valuable tool for coaches. Characteristics: - Book on Muay Thai: authentic techniques, physical preparation, combat strategies. - 208 pages (16.5 x 21 cm) with color. - 252 pictures.

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