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Muay Thai by Vut Kamnark volume 2 Punching and elbow strikes techniques

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Vut KAMNARK, born in Thailand, has started practising the national boxing since he was 8. After so many years of intensive workouts and competitions, he became the North-East Thailand Champion. Having his license in physical education, now, he is teaching the Muay Thai in Los Angeles and heads seminars in all the United States in order to promote Thailand boxing fights in the West. He is currently the president of the world association of Muay Thai while remaining teacher and referee in the United States. Punching and elbow strikes techniques: Footwork, punching and elbow strikes. In this second volume, you will learn about the stance positions and the footwork. Then you will go on with the jab, the cross, the hook and the uppercut, all that are followed by precise information about the technique execution in order to get an optimum power and speed. The combinations are not forgotten. This program ends up with elbow strikes techniques which allow you to give a powerful strike in all the angles. Content: Introduction The stances The jab The cross The hook The uppercut Punch combinations Elbow strike techniques Punching/ elbow strike combinations Languages: French, English Duration: 60mn

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