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Dragon bleu partners


Dragon Bleu, combat sports and martial arts market leader, has a large number of strong partnerships with a number of medias and actors of this field.


Karaté Bushido  : The iconic magazine for martial arts and combat sports. Karaté Bushido is a useful source of information for all practitioners of the widest variety of specialties’ (Karaté, Kung Fu, Aïkido, Jiu Jitsu, Boxe Etc…).

Karaté Bushido organises particularly the martial arts Festival. Dragon Bleu is its privileged partner.

Ikusa: One of the first website of information about MMA and combat sports. You will find on this website many contents, results and useful addresses. .

VENUM : The #1 brand in the world for combat sports and martial arts. Dragon Bleu provides a wide selection and the best offers in Venum products, as a result of an historical partnership between the two companies.