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Stroops "Explosive Kick" - Medium (9kg)

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"Explosive Kick" of Stroops MMA system is an innovative product that will help you to work the lower body very intensely. Equipped with an improved resistance system, stroops "Explosive Kick" increases the power of your kicks and improve your technique and balance. The rope Slastix provides a high level of resistance equivalent to a weight of 11 kg for instant feedback. During the exercises, the use of strings "Slastix" seek the abdominal lower part which engages you in a position slightly back, ideal to increase the power and give maximum scope to your kicks. Stroops "Explosive Kick" is very easy to use. The strips are attached to ankles and the strap - which can be held by a training partner, or attached to a wall by a hook. Once the strings "Slastix" is connected and attached, you are ready to launch strong kicks, dodges and work your footwork and other movements of the lower body. The resistance forces to rotate hips to 90°; which increases the power of the blows thrown and balance of the fighter. Characteristics: Designed to work your kicks, balance and power. High resistance level (11kg). 2 strings "Slatix". 2 ties ankles. Tether strap. Available in two resistance levels: medium (9 kg) and heavy (11 kg) It is recommended to wear shorts during the exercises

Additional Information

Weight 0.6800
Brand Stroops
Size Adulte
Color Orange (009)
Composition Slastix
Colors Black (001), Orange (009)