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Stroops Harness "Takedown" - 35 kg (77lbs)

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As the name suggests, the harness "Takedown" helps you work this movement (to bring your opponent down) by allowing you to move faster and with more power. With constant pressure, the harness "Takedown" reproduces the push and support of an opponent. For this, you train yourself in the conditions of a real battle - combining resistance and tension - without necessarily need a partner to make you work. The concept of the belt associated with the elastic gives you great freedom of movement, whether at the shoulders, hips and legs. You will be able to perform all positions of grips and phases of work while lying on the back or from a superior position Characteristics: Made in the USA. Includes elastic, a belt and a harness equipped with Slastix® technology. Strength: 35 kg It is recommended to wear a T-shirt during exercise.

Additional Information

Weight 1.4000
Brand Stroops
Size Adulte
Color Orange (009)
Composition Slastix
Colors Black (001), Orange (009)