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Stroops "Knock Out" - Heavy (11kg / 25lbs)

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The "Knock Out" is designed to exert a resistance to specific points on your body. So you develop better body gestures, your hand up to your shoulders, while improving achievement even in your shots. The high resistance applied on your muscles makes you work your pure force to bludgeon the famous knockout. The "Knock Out" also allows you to feel concretely and properly the functioning of your muscles. The result: improved explosiveness, a thorough mastery, more powerful shots Run by a partner or on the wall, the "Knock Out" offers the possibility to realize the shadow-boxing, sparring or takedown exercises Characteristics: Made in the USA. Average resistance: 9kg Included: two elastic and two harnesses equipped with technology Slastix® It is recommended to wear a T-shirt during the year

Additional Information

Weight 0.7100
Brand Stroops
Size Enfant
Color Orange (009)
Composition NC
Colors Black (001), Orange (009)