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Tatami FW Rashguard Chess Gorilla

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Keep one step ahead with the rashguard Chess Gorilla brand Tatami Fightwear. The rashguard Chess Gorilla is born from the cooperation between artist Chris Burns and the brand Tatami Fightwear Its design is outright explosive! At the front and rear, the rashguard Chess Gorilla proudly displays a gorilla playing the chess game. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is often compared to a game of chess. This is not necessarily the most physically strong that wins; it is the one who is stronger technically, the one who thinks ... This is the spirit of the JJB. It has been transcribed so shifted through the Chess rash guard Gorilla. The brand Tatami Fightwear designed the Chess rashguard Gorilla with polyspandex. This material guarantees optimal muscle compression for improved recovery. Stretch, the rashguard Chess Gorilla from Tatami Fightwear will not restrict your movements. Characteristics: Works of the artist Chris Burns. Flat seams. Long sleeves. Available in several sizes.

Additional Information

Weight 0.4000
Brand Tatami Fightwear
Color Black/White (108)
Composition Polyester - Spandex
Colors Black (001), White (002)