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Thai par Vut KAMNARK - Volume 1: Shape his body and his mind

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Vut KAMNARK, born in Thailand, has started practising the national boxing since he was 8. After so many years of intensive workouts and competitions, he became the North-East Thailand Champion. Having his license in physical education, now, he is teaching the Muay Thai in Los Angeles and heads seminars in all the United States in order to promote Thailand boxing fights in the West. He is currently the president of the world association of Muay Thai while remaining teacher and referee in the United States. Shaping his body and his mind, warm-ups, physical preparation and showing the outfits: in this program, Vut Kamnark makes you ready to learn the techniques and the rigour of Muay Thai. After discovering the Wai Kru, a dance of respect performed by the fighters before the assault, you will learn how to prepare and to stretch your body in the Thai way. You will also find full explanations of the different workout accessories as well as their use: ankle support, hand wraps, gloves, shields, kicks, belly protector, bags, and more Content: Thai Boxing history Who is Vut Kamnark The Wai-Kru Stretching exercises Physical preparation Physical workout with a partner Workout in a gym Thai boxing gears Workout with punching bag Workout with gloves and protections Language: French, English Duration: 55mn

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