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Throwdown Grappling Dummy 63.5kg/193cm

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Reproducing ground grappling positions in an ultra realistic way with its arms and legs, the Throwdown Grappling Dummy allows a more intensive training, wihout any risk of being hurt by a training partner. It’s an excellent tool to improve your take down and projections / arm throws, as well as clinch phases , which is a typical technique of Thai Boxing. Available in different sizes so as to help you train yourself in real-combat conditions. Designed for those who practice martial arts like Grappling, JJB, Judo, Wrestling, Vale Tudo, Muay-Thai Characteristics : - Throwdown Dummy, made of ultra resistant synthetic leather . - Anatomically balanced weight. - Black colour.

Additional Information

Weight 70.0000
Brand Throwdown
Size 63.5kg/193cm
Color Black (001)
Composition Cuir Synthétique
Colors Black (001)