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Testimonials : you say it!


To constantly improve your satisfaction, feel free to share us your feedback and suggests concerning Dragon Bleu.

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For information, you will find hereunder, some of our client’s remarks.

Marc, Villeneuve sur Lot

"Hi, thanks for your MMA space, I’ve bought two products of VENUM and the question about quality and delivery time is without comment. It’s great for me, as I am French and English boxing teacher; and a MMA amateur. Thanks..."

Erwan, Mouscron - Belgique

"Always glad to buy at your store. Pay the order by international transfer on Sunday and receive it on Monday. So it is about 8 days, knowing that payment arrived to their homes on Friday. The best of the best, and of course, items and comments are flawless. See you soon for another order ! "

Saman, Croutelle

"Order a kimono kaiten “America” on Friday at 4 pm and receive it on Monday at my house, conforming goods, staff who answered me by phone earlier, for an advice about the size of the kimono- is professional. Really, really satisfy for a first order on this website."

Laurent, Sollies-Ville

"I just ordered a big bob, it’s awesome, I received it within 1 week. I’m really happy, quality and delivery are on top!"

Guilhem, Clapiers

"Thanks again for the speedy delivery, the quality of the product, and most of all, the IMPECCABLE customer service. Great welcome and advice. I will not miss to do some advertising and to highly recommend you to those around me. See you soon for a new command; I will always pass through your service."

Guillaume, Colmar

"Great phone service, people are with excellent advice and also with effective counselling. I ordered my kimonos on Saturday; I received it on Monday morning. Incredible! Don’t change anything, you are awesome!!!"

Mario, Vienne - Autriche

"Dear Dragon Bleu! I received my package today. The delivery was fast. I will recommend you to my club. My next order is for soon!!!"

Martial, Dormelles

"Since 2 years, I’ve ordered at Dragon Bleu, first delivery by the post office, ordered on Friday and received on Monday at 8:50am… It’s impressive… and quality is always there. Keep it up..."

Luke, Colchester, UK

"Hi guys! I just want to thank you for the service of quality that you have shown when delivering my kimono. It is better to do business with you...."

Aurélien, Allonnes

"Recently, I ordered items. I was amazed by the speed with which it reached me. Next time, I know where to go for capoeira purchase.......Great bravo for all the team and thanks for your honesty........"

Chan, Draguignan

"Speed delivery, clothing of quality… nothing to say… Well done :)"

Pierre, Lille

"I have ordered many products at Dragon Bleu. They are with great quality. Continue like that! See you soon."

Thierry, Saint Florent sur Cher

"I have already ordered products on many website, but I congratulate you for your professionalism, nothing to say, fast delivery is a great pleasure!"

Joan, Papeete - Polynésie Française

"There is nothing wrong to report!!! Just good things!!! Payment level, safe!!! It is at 100%!!! Speed also!!! Continue like that!!! TAHITI with you!!!! There’s happiness!!!"

Alberto, Castiglione Torinese - Italia

"I just want to thank you. I received my order with a speed never seen nowhere else!!! Perfect quality of product."

Alexander, Obertshausen - Allemagne

"All is perfect! I will recommend your website to my club colleague. It’s a pleasure to order on Dragon Bleu."

Victoria, Dunfermline - England

"I just want to say that it’s my first order at Dragon Bleu. And I am impressed. I received my kimono in a short times. It fits perfectly with my shape. I have already had some problems with other website. It is clear that from now, I will place my order at dragon Bleu. I strongly advise it!"

Rodolphe, Nice

"Dragon Bleu, it's the best !!! Dragon bleu, it is a serious business, a professionalism, products of quality and an interesting markdown over the year. French reference on free-fight."

Jean-Marc, Papeete - Polynésie Française

"Great website!!!! Speed, quality..... No more things to add... or one thing, it’s better than at the other local shops… Stay on this path guys !"

Mehdi, Paris

"Speed, clean, efficient... Trust in DRAGON BLEU!!!"

Jean-Pascal, Santes

"Just to let you know that I’ve recently receipt of my mouth guard. It’s the first time that my order reached me so quickly, thanks for your seriousness. At the forthcoming command! "

Antonio, Quimper

"Bravo for Dragon Bleu for its seriousness and the quality of its product!!! Careful packaging, product of quality, roughly speaking, GREAT! Continue like that.... :)"

Philippe, Lamentin - Martinique

"Hi, bravo! Such speed is unusual in delivery to French Antilles. Product received in perfect condition. Excellent quality of product. Thanks. Good continuation (It is unusual such speed delivery to French Antilles. I will pass your address to my Taï-chi students)."

Wilfried, Saint Denis - La Réunion

"Good receipt of my tee-shirt, blamless deadline, even for Dom-tom, good product, One more clients, at the next order !"

Ariel, Gentilly

"Thanks to all the team, for your advices, your kindness and most of all, the speed delivery of my kimono. Professional like you is awesome. Continue, you are great."

Alexis, Le Thillot

"Hi, after many command of kimonos at your shop, I would like to say thanks; first of all, for providing the kimonos kyokushinkai (only very few suppliers do it) with an exceptional quality/price ratio. The delivery time is also exceptional (48h), I will still order at your shop and I will not miss to advise your website. Sports greetings !"

Gregory, Orléans

"Perfect website, command received in a record time... I strongly advise this website... Congratulations !"

Julien, Gardanne

"As I see, you are as serious as before! And nice on phone also!!! You are on top, don’t change anything... Thanks to everyone (but especially for the man who advised me by phone, he knows what he’s talking about. It is just so nice). Good continuation."

Cédric, La Ciotat

"One week earlier, I have placed an order at your store. You are so fast and so serious; that now, I already advise your website. I have talked about you to my cousin who place his command this week, and by post-office. We are all glad of your website, Good continuation, see you SOON !"

Irvin, Tahiti (Polynésie Française)

"Hi the Dragon, I have received my Jujitsu Koral kimono, issued at time, delivered in record time for a country like Polynesia. Moreover, it’s exactly like the quality described. It is strong and aesthetic. You will be my favourites. I admit that you make someone happy and you’ve got a new client. I wish to thank you again for the speed of our command processing !"

Anthony, Creil

"Great delivery, always perfect at the delay I choose..."

Laurent, Tarare

"Bravo for your deliveries, nothing wrong, quick, effective, in one word, perfect !"

Guillaume, Chambourcy

"I have placed an order comprising a fight short Venum and a mouth guard Shock Doctor. I would like to congratulate you for the speed of the service that you provide because I have received my package the following day. Thanks !"

Anthony, Paris

"Hello, I have ordered a Kimono Keiko Raça yesterday at 11:00 am, I’ve received it. It is great to do business with a serious supplier, generally, and in this business particularly !"

Marcello, (Spain)

"Good evening, I want to tell you that I received the Koral t-shirt yesterday… It’s great. Thanks again and see you at the next order !"

Philipp, Holsbeek (Belgium)

"Thanks for the perfect and ultra-fast service !"

Lorenzo, Rome (Italia)

"I want to congratulate you for the clearness of your website and the speed with which you dispatch the products. Really, you are the best !"

Michael, Lille

"I would like to felicitate you for the quality level of your delivery. Months earlier, I ordered a karategi kamikaze instructor (a very good product), I have received it in short time (less than a week) and it was well packaged! Your price is unrivalled and you provide, truly, products of quality. Your website is well done: ergonomic, friendly, and mostly operational. Dragon Bleu, it’s serious!!!"

Karim, Saint Fons

"I have received my package "Koral short" and I am satisfied of the products. I thank you for that."

Bertrand, Béziers

"...Another amazing products with correct price. Continue…"

Alessandro, Brindisi (Italia)

"I have received your package. Everything is in order. I would like to thank you..."

Ian, West Midlands (England)
"Hi guys! You will be glad to know that I have received my kimono. The cut is great. It’s the best I’ve never got. Once again, thanks for your help and your assistance at the time of purchase. I have already given your address to many friends of mine. Keep it up!"
Ian, Londres (England)
"I want to congratulate you for the quality of your website, the speed and the efficiency of your service, and finally, for the helps that you bring by the phone support. Keep it up!"
Patrick, Vaulx en Velin
"Good morning to all Dragon Bleu team members. I confirm receipt of my order: 2 karate-gi europa. I am thankful for the speed you have shown. Have a nice day every one. See you soon. "
Franck, La Ferte Saint Samson
"Fast processing and delivery of my order. It’s perfect!!! See you soon, at the next purchase. I will track closely your new items. Thanks and good continuation!"
Patrick, Lyon

"I am pleasantly surprised and thank you for the speed of client's order processing. For an order placed yesterday at 05 pm, I receive my karategi this morning at 10. 50 am. I have no more word to say. I take my hat off. As I am a logistic manager too, I know problems which might be encountered. Phone reception and advices are also of quality. I was able to see this, when I was on call. Have a nice day everyone, and again, thanks!"
Karine, Xivry Circourt

"Thanks for your speed. I received my package 3 days after I place my order. Product is compliant, quality is fantastic. I am really pleased of your service. It goes without saying that I will advise you to everyone. Thanks again for your professionalism, Good continuation!..."
Alain, Le Neubourg

"Kung-Fu outfit received in a record time. Outstanding quality. I will advise my acquaintances."
Ricardo, Kirkland (USA)

"Hi! I want to thank you for your excellent customer service. Thanks also for speed delivery for USA. Your items are excellent. I will talk about you to my students and friends. Thanks again!"
Julien, Angouleme
"Great website. Continue like this sir and madam. Bravo!"
Bruno, Nimes
"Hi, today, I have received my command : yellow t-shirt « Terminator » of Wanderlei Silva. It’s beautiful. More better than I’ve imagined. Just, thanks."
Laurent, Bruxelles (Belgium)

"Thanks for your excellent service. See you soon!"
Franck, Ajaccio

"Hi all Dragon Bleu team. Two days earlier, I ordered a product: short WAND with inscription at the back. I would like to confirm the good receipt of the product; it is with a great quality. Thanks also for your professionalism. Thanks and continue like that!!"
Patrice, Narbonne

"Thanks for your excellent products. They are of quality. Thanks a lot for your service. It’s excellent. Bravo for all the team!!! See you soon!"
Jean-Daniel, Paris

"I want to felicitate you for the quality and the seriousness of your website. After ordering a kimono Kamikaze, I have received it 48 hours after. As I am a little too big, I reached your hotline. The advisor was friendly and knowledgeable. He just asked me to return my kimono. I received the right size the day after. Trust me, I have already ordered on many website, few website provide such professionalism. See you soon for new order! "
Hervé, L'Hay les Roses

"Bravo for your website and your availability at phone. Moreover, the person who advised me was friendly. It makes no mess! "